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Top-Funnel Marketing Automation

Ranging from top marketers to marketing automation and ABM novices everyone mainly roots for a simple service which doesn’t bury you into complicated features no one uses. Looks like we just got that into our kit.

Intensive Campaign Management

Campaign management for the top B2B Marketing funnel initiatives is a major headache for which marketers suffer at the time of aiming to reach out and fulfill their KPIs. Along with the planning, lead management and execution of the campaigns are highly time intensive. In such a crisis we come out as your knight in shining armor. Our simple yet effective lead management techniques revolve around running your lead capturing campaigns glitch free.

Intensive Channel Management

B2B marketing firms spread out their wings in order to fuel out profits from every situation possible. In this day and age for a marketer every promotion is good, be it via event marketing, Live/ On-demand webinars, content syndication partners, lead generation vendors or call centers. A right mix of everything helps. These multi-channel promotions, however, lead to exhausting resources and an inaccurate view of performance. Our Siliconix Demand Generation software, however, centralizes the entire approach by controlling and monitoring along with determining targeting parameters and approximate allowed values for particular sources which in turns helps a great deal.

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