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About Us

Who We Are

We are a dedicated team of dreamers who try their best in making the entire B2B marketing journey smoother for you.

After seeing seemingly frustrated marketers for years from emerging and growing complexities of the demand-based lead generation and account-based marketing(ABM) we set out on a mission and gave it all our diligence and heart to crack out and form a all-in-one platform which would not only check out on the unnerving problems and chaos related to irrelevant data in the B2B business but also provide you with marketing automation and scalability to integrate you top-funnel and lower funnel activities in order to directly sift through success and multiple rise on your revenue.

Problems That Siliconix Solves

No Insight Into The Real Strategy :

There are several instances wherein marketers just go around shooting an arrow into the blind sky with their leads without any real knowledge about which leads actually convert and why they convert.

Adverse Leads :

There are other times wherein we generate several leads without any conversion of them.

Heavy and loaded Documentation :

Maintaining tons of excel sheets and presentations and word files for the lead storing which turns out to be futile.

Scaling Inability :

The scaling process according to the customer needs and marketer’s product poses a huge problem due to manual demand generation.

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