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Lead Generation

Lead generation happens to be a strong foundation of business success, hence it is very critical for this vicinity to be well dealt. At SiliconiX Media, we believe that when working with lead generation, quality is to be paid much more attention than quantity. And therefore, before starting off with the projects, we invest in time with our clients to understand their marketing objectives and requirements very clearly. This helps us to generate a healthy Return-On-Investments for our customers so that they receive only premium data and nothing less than that. We use integrated data mining tools and multi-channel targeting to come up with the most precise set of customer data for you.

Effective pitch on target audiences with valuable information communication about your product/service helps in getting the deals sealed. Our services are incorporated with a high global reach out, a closed loop internal control process with dashboard reporting and real time integration (using your company’s CRM, if necessary).

Dedicated resources

Lead generation is not an easy task and through our experience, we know that it is necessary for each of our clients to get a dedicated resource group from us to work on their projects. These resources work on multiple sources and develop individual strategies for each channel. Our service is flexible to either use your database or create a custom database for you through our contact discovery solutions.

Database Marketing

We already have massive databases of business and professional information in store. These information resources assist in steering and personalising marketing campaigns for clients by using a large criteria range, gradually translating into precise targeting.

Lead Nurturing

Apart from outbound strategies, we also have a wide array of inbound activities that provide overall lead nurturing beginning from generation to final deal close. We offer services to pitch up, follow up and inform leads about your products/services in the most suitable manner using the most appropriate channel by analysing the types of leads and market aims.

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