Our SiliconiX platform fits up perfectly in bridging the gaps and lifting up some of the weight from the heavy shoulders of both the sellers and buyers

Our SiliconiX is streamlined in functionality to not only gather data sources and coordinate marketing channels on them , but we also streamline and make the top-funnel demand marketing process scalable along with removing growth and process tracking related hurdles for the customer as well.

Powerful Dashboard

Time has finally come for all the marketers to bid adieu to the chaotic process of tracking and sourcing marketing and sales data. With our highly simplified ease-of-approach and user-friendly interface, we stay at par in not only giving relevant insights to the marketer but also digresses out the progress of multiple factors nested onto a particular campaign.

Ease of Process Tracking

Get campaign wise insights onto our dashboard , with the ease of holding multiple campaigns and their relevant data streamlined at the best possible view. Manage your sales funnel like never before through our all-tech process.

Zero Documentation

Maintaining tons of excel sheets and presentations and word files for the lead storing which turns out to be futile. Our app supports and gives you with the added support of in-built reporting along with online viewing and exporting the relevant files in the form of CSV into your device saving you millions of chaotic data files.