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Account Profiling

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Account Profiling

Account identification services assist you increase closed business by providing sales management the knowledge you wish to see that accounts represent your best chance.

With Account profiling you get:

Your sales team should be focused on what they do best - educating and selling the buyer on the value of your organization's product. We can integrate a prospect profiling program into your sales process to improve efficiency, allow for scalability and ensure the best use of your sales team's expertise. Prospect profiling provides your company with a validated picture of emerging trends occurring across multiple organizations within the targeted market.

Guaranteed Results

Uses knowledge about sales researchers to have interaction in peer to look discussions with key contacts.Navigate associate account and raise queries the correct way to get the knowledge you wish.

Pay for Performance

We tend to copy our guarantee with a distinctive pay-for-performance valuation model – you simply get the accounts we tend to with a success survey.

Seamless Integration

Along with your method we work directly in your CRM system or we deliver the researched information in just about any file format you need.

Contact Discovery

You have got the choice of assembling each account and speaking to level info in a very single project to maximise your investment.

A Prospect Profiling program will :

  • Determine the characteristics of the "ideal prospect" for your product/service, focusing your sales resources on the "most likely to buy" accounts.
  • Prioritise prospects, along with likelihood to buy attributes, who merit follow up by your organisation's sales representatives, allowing more effective and efficient allocation of your sales force's time.
  • Capture relevant information about prospects in order to tailor appropriate follow up activities.
  • Build brand recognition by communicating specific messaging to prospects, generating awareness and piquing interest about your organisation's product prior to contact from a sales executive.
  • Assess how your company's "value proposition" resonates with prospects.

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