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One step towards Future of Digital Marketing: Content Automation

With the digital marketing landscape being overcrowded, it is due to the likes of artificial intelligence and automation, there is a competitive advantage. In a fast-paced world, where the flow of content is in surplus, one can automate a wide range of time-consuming tasks, especially when you need a high volume of resources regularly. 


What seemed like some science fiction decades ago, today with the help of AI tools, one can transcribe content into various formats. Moreover, content automation helps you learn more about your customers and build meaningful relationships with them. 


As digitalization and automation have become the new buzzwords, what is it that drives the wheel of every marketer?


What is Content Automation?

The process of content creation with the help of AI algorithms that interpret human interactions, search behavior, and other aspects is known as Content Automation. Content Automation also means automating it at every stage of its lifecycle, i.e. from content generation to keeping the content up-to-date.


How can a content generation be automated?

To generate automated written content, a neural network model such as GPT-3 or third-generation Generative Pre-Trained Transformer is used. The user requires a primary keyword or specific search phrase related to the content. 


In short, auto content generation is like self-learning robots that learn from data on the internet and create engaging content. 

Besides, careful execution of marketing automation plans is also mandatory to generate automated content. 


Cost-efficient and time-saving 

To keep up with the pace of information flow in today’s time, it has become indispensable to match up to the speed of sharing information. Many big brands use bots to create automated content, making it easier to manage surplus content and deliver it faster. The time saved is used in other tasks that require more human intervention. 


Moreover, by creating relatable, highly targeted, and personalized AI content, you boost user engagement, conversions, and also retention. 


The future of automated content 

With the advent of Artificial intelligence, the ecosystem of content marketing has seen a transformation, and in not long it will overpower the need of humans. Having said that, the growth of content automation is exponential, due to its massive demand for content on the internet. 

The demand has thus, led more businesses to lean towards innovative technologies to automate their content marketing campaigns.